Business process re-engineering – metering data, contracts, billing

We take good care of optimal design of business processes for better customer journey and higher cost-efficiency. All our processes are designed to provide the best customer experience and are based on such values as simplicity, caring for customers and sustainability. Through operating in several countries we continuously share best practices for improving centralized processes in all markets.

Our solutions

Dynamic consumption data visualization

We can offer personalized insight on consuption patterns and recommendations for cost-efficiency. This mean we have extensive experiences in visualizing and analysing customers consumption data and giving suggestions based on that data.

Technological platform & applications for the business processes

We offer software platform and applications for the management of metering data, contracts, billing. We use modular architecture in order to maximize the business value and to simplify the launching of new products and services. Our technological platform is scalable to multiple countries and covers all business processes required to operate as an energy reseller.


We can offer E-channel platforms and UX for higher loyalty and cost-efficiency. This means that we are using best practises in UX process with extensive user testing, design, front-end and back-end development. After development we will guarantee the best results using A/B testing and personalisation.

Consumption forecasting & portfolio management

We use smart forecasting models for consumption planning to ensure an optimal purchasing strategy. The models follow a layered architecture, adding more detail and precision as new information becomes available over time. Accumulating data and experience from multiple countries and very different customer segments allows us to find synergies and achieve world-class results.

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