Enefix & Enefix+

Aglime with a rapid effect

The environment-friendly oil shale based Enefix soil treatment improves the site conditions for plants, helping the soil to absorb nutrients, and reducing the risk of plant diseases. The Enefix soil treatment also suppresses moss growth in lawns.

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Four reasons to choose Enefix soil improvers

Higher field yields

Savings on fertilizer costs

Faster plant growth

Suitable for organic fields

Effect of the soil treatment

  • Increases the pH level and improves the quality of the soil.
  • Improves nutrient solubility in the soil.
  • Reduces the creation of crust and mud, improves resistance against erosion.

Results and feedback

We tested oil shale dust ash two years ago on our 80 ha field, and the crop yield increased considerably the year after that, while nutrient absorption in plants also improved. We understood that liming should be done systematically.

Marek Kruusla

Farmer and agronomist of the Kaska-Luiga farm engaged in milk production and breeding animals and growing cereal

Enefix soil improver has a perspective and potential in organic farming. The yields measured in field trials in 2017 after using Enefix soil improver was 150-830 kg/ha.  The natural origin of Enefix, its rich mineral content and its alkaline neutralizing composition make soil improver a necessary and suitable product in organic farming.

Margus Ess

Member of the Management Board of the Organic Producers' Council 

From fly ash to soil treatment

Fly ash

Burning oil shale at a high temperature, we separate fly ash from the flue gas: fly ash contains microscopic particles and high levels of calcium, which can be used as a quick-acting neutralizer for acidic soils. Oil shale ash also contains several elements that increase soil fertility, such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, sulphur, manganese and silicon.

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Fuel Trader

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