Estonia's largest producers of renewable energy

We produce electricity from wind, water, biomass, and also municipal waste which we burn instead of dumping it in landfills. Using renewable sources of energy preserves Estonia’s environment. We are also exploring methods of producing solar energy.

Enefit Green

We have a diversified production portfolio

We produce renewable energy from:


We have 22 wind parks in Estonia and Lithuania.

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We have a total of 38 solar power parks in Estonia and Poland.

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We use biomass in our four CHP plants in Estonia and Latvia.

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Mixed municipal waste

We produce heat and electricity from mixed municipal waste.

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We produce hydropower at a small hydroelectric power plant.

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A cleaner environment for future generations

We feel we have more responsibility than just the task of producing renewable electricity. We wish to ensure a cleaner environment and help reduce the global CO2 footprint. The more producers and consumers of renewable energy, the less carbon dioxide is emitted.

We are developing renewable energy so that we all have enough electricity from renewable sources in the future. Increasing the use of green energy, for example in transport, housing or agriculture, is the easiest way to reduce the CO2 footprint.

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