Idea bank

Do you have ideas that could change the future of the energy industry?

Enefit is a rapidly developing energy company developing oil shale and renewable energy production and smart services for the retail markets of the entire Baltic Sea region. We are looking for partners whose skills and knowledge complement our competencies in order to seek and implement feasible and value-creating ideas. We create mutually beneficial, confident and long-term partnerships.

Do you have ideas that could change the future of the energy industry?

I have an idea

By cooperating with us, you can develop large-impact projects

  • Increase the competitiveness of available oil shale assets
  • Secure the future of oil shale energy
  • Establish new capacities for renewable energy
  • Grow on the Baltic Sea energy markets.

Partnership values

Informed choice

We choose our key partners based on information on their skills and knowledge, which help us jointly create maximum value for Eesti Energia and achieve our goals.

Goal - setting

We make sure that Enefit's partnerships have clear goals. We formulate the goals and activities we plan to carry out with each partner. We set the goals based on the expectations and strategy of the owner of Enefit.


We appoint a contact person for each partner organisation to maintain a complete picture and the history of partner relations. We help partners find their way to the right people at Enefit.

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