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Toodame täna tuuleenergiat Eestis ja Leedus

Energy seller and full-service provider in the Baltic Sea region

Eesti Energia is the largest energy company in Estonia. Our role is to be a reliable partner for the customer in the development and implementation of new, smarter and cleaner energy solutions.

As energy professionals, we help the customer find a personal and flexible way to plan and navigate the green journey. We offer a broad range of solutions to those inspired by and seeking green transition: green energy plans, solar solutions complete with storage, smart and sustainable energy consumption management, electromobility, and energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling services.

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We operate on five home markets


We have been operating in the Latvian market since 2006 and achieved a strong second position as a provider of energy and energy solutions.

From March 2019, our solutions have also been used by Latvian household consumers. We will continue to grow by further expanding our portfolio of services

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We have been operating in the Lithuanian energy market since 2007 and have achieved the second position in the electricity sales market in Lithuania as well.

We see great potential in synergies with Enefit Green, thanks to whom we can supply locally generated renewable energy to Lithuanian customers.

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Poland is our home market with the greatest potential. We started selling energy in Poland in the second half of 2017. In terms of energy sales volumes, Poland has become our second home market after Estonia.

We are focusing on business customers in Poland, as the household electricity market is not yet opened.

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We sell electricity to households since spring 2018. In Finland, Enefit’s concept is to be the energy seller on the phone: customers can choose an electricity package, sign a contract, analyse and manage their electricity consumption easily by using the Enefit mobile app or smart phone.

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