Giving back to society

For us, being responsible means caring about environment, our employees, our customers and other members of society, and contributing to the development of society and the communities where we operate. We also strive every day to make our energy production as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible.

Positive long-term changes in society

We prefer to support initiatives and projects which involve large target groups and lead to positive long-term changes in society. Thus, our priorities include:

Supporting education and innovation

We are committed to supporting education in the field of energy and power engineering.

Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment requires a sense of responsibility and knowledge.

Supporting the development of Ida-Viru county

We invest in the area's development to maintain important local traditions.

A decision on allocating support is first made by a Groupwide sponsorship committee and then by the management board. We have set up a separate sponsorship committee for allocating support to the development of Ida-Viru county, which adopts decisions on projects aimed at Ida-Viru communities.

We have revived a former industrial area in Aidu

We restore the areas that we no longer use and return them to the local people and environment in the best possible manner. The former oil shale opencast mine at Aidu has been restored for an entirely new purpose. We helped establish the basis for a rowing course in the former mine, which was the first step toward building a future world-class water sports facility. The unique natural environment of Aidu is already attracting many visitors.

More than 4 million trees have been planted in the former Aidu opencast mine and the forests have been re-inhabited by wild animals. The 169 ha of restored fields are actively used in agriculture. The total length of canals is over 30 km.

Promoting healthy lifestyles

Enefit cares about the health of its employees and all Estonians. Thus, we have created opportunities for doing sports and encourage people to exercise daily.

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