Giving society a boost of positive energy

At Eesti Energia, we invest in longstanding values – we support sustainable and research-driven activities

We believe that a sustainable society is characterised by symbiosis between differentdomains

We are committed to supporting progressive and scientific initiatives that contribute to the achievement of world-changing goals.

Eesti Energia's support activities strategy is implemented in collaboration with top experts from professional organisations and large enterprises with whom we are united by a common view of a more sustainable society.

There is no more room for competition, power lies in networks!

Promotion of hard science

We support teachers and students on the path towards a research-based society, inspiring them to discover the world of science

On the green journey, it is important to involve ambitious young people every step of the way, from idea to execution. To accomplish this, the excitement of science should captivate young minds from an early age, not only in the school environment but also in their leisure activities.

  • We are building an ecosystem where interest in science is awakened already in school and is nurtured outside the classroom as well.
  • We invest in research and initiatives that support research-based development and innovation.

Hard science and young people play a key role on the green journey. The demand for engineers and scientists continues to grow daily. Although the acquisition of more complex science subjects, such as chemistry or physics, may seem challenging for young people, the practical value of this knowledge is paramount. Our aim is to contribute to discovering new solutions that propel us forward on our collective green journey.

We are giving a boost to:

  • educational programme Charge Yourself;
  • Energy Discovery Centre;
  • TV series Rakett 69;
  • electricity and energy event Positron.

In collaboration with our industry partners, including Positron, we are committed to building an ecosystem centred around hard science to inspire young people to pursue technical specialities in the future. In addition to the Energy Discovery Centre, we also support the TV series Rakett 69, which promotes hard science among young people.

Educational programme Charge Yourself – a novel learning experience

Interest begins with the teacher, yet only a quarter of all teachers in Estonia feel valued by society. The educational programme Charge Yourself aims to change this. The objective is to make chemistry and physics education in Estonia more exciting and modern.

To achieve this, the programme brings together bright-eyed teachers, entrepreneurs and education innovators from Estonian schools.

  • In co-operation with the Estonian Physical Society, Estonian Association of Chemical Teachers, Praktikal and Videoõps, Estonian basic schools will be able to make their physics classes more engaging by means of innovative digital learning materials and test kits.
  • With the help of enthusiastic physics teachers and Videoõps, inspiring video content will be brought to all Estonian basic schools.

We launched the programme in co-operation with ABB, LHV, Fermi Energia, Nordecon and Metrosert.

Energy Discovery Centre – bursting with science

To sustain young people's interest in understanding the world even beyond the classroom, we are giving a boost to the Energy Discovery Centre which offers excitement and the joy of discovery for the whole family. At this centre, which is bursting with science, young people can explore and learn through practical and exciting exhibits.

Have you ever seen caged lightning? Visit the Energy Discovery Centre now!

We are giving a boost to the educational TV series Rakett 69 that popularises hard science

Rakett 69 is an initiative that elevates science learning to new heights. Our goal is to inspire young people to discover science and foster their interest in pursuing careers in the field.

  • We want to keep young people's interest in science alive, even when they spend time behind a screen at home. The educational TV series Rakett 69 helps to promote hard science and showcases to young people how theoretical knowledge can be applied in real-life situations in an engaging manner. In addition, finalists from the series are offered an internship at Eesti Energia.
  • The Rakett 69 series is also valuable for teachers, offering them professional development opportunities and a platform to share best practices. Moreover, this initiative represents an important step in the popularisation of science and the cultivation of youth interest in science nationwide.

Electricity and energy event Positron

Positron opens the doors to a world of innovation, knowledge and career opportunities, offering an engrossing and educational experience for the whole family at every step. At the modern event, participants can engage in a wide variety of workshops at different levels of difficulty, attend educational presentations, challenge themselves in competitions and explore the different aspects of the world of energy. Moreover, participants can explore learning opportunities and connect with experts in the field, fostering supportive relationships for their future careers.