Together on a green journey to a cleaner future

The world has changed, and the old ways are no longer viable. The planet must remain healthy, but people must also have affordable energy to use. We are looking for a path to a secure and clean – namely, sustainable – future of energy. This path is called the green journey. And we at Enefit are your guides on this green journey!

Our success depends on our unity and co-operation

At Enefit, we operate like a chain reaction machine, where everyone plays a vital role. Some plan, others initiate and some uphold the virtuous cycle. Everyone is making sure that we move as a unified team on the road to a common goal.

Watch the video to see how we work together to succeed on our green journey.

Customer-focused company Enefit brings smart energy solutions to people

We provide useful energy solutions that enable the reduction of carbon footprint and energy costs. For example, we provide electricity and gas packages, environmentally friendly heating solutions, smart options for home energy generation and storage, electric vehicle charging solutions for home, work or on the road and even assistance with electrical work. 

Enefit Green creates clean energy for everyone 

Enefit Green is the most visible milestone of our green journey – our solar and wind farms can be seen from afar! As the largest renewable energy provider in the region, we make clean energy accessible to everyone.

Enefit Power means change and efficiency. 

Instead of generating electricity from oil shale, we at Enefit Power will start utilising it in a more intelligent and environmentally friendly way by processing it into chemicals. Additionally, we will use wood, plastic and tyre waste as raw materials in the future. With the chemical industry to come, we will turn CO2 into new material instead. We are the pioneers of the circular economy in our region and ensure Estonia’s security of supply. 

Smart industrial solutions from Enefit Solutions 

Enefit Solutions is a company contributing to the green journey through tangible technology. We manufacture equipment for the energy and chemical industries and maintain modern equipment. We possess in-depth knowledge of engineering and are experts in clean energy, valued all over the world.

Our strategy 

Electrification based on green electricity is the fastest, most affordable and most environmentally friendly path to a carbon-neutral economic model.  As experts in the field of energy, we help customers plan their green journey in a personal and flexible manner as well as implement it by using environmentally friendly energy solutions. 

We will increase our renewable energy production four times by 2025 

We build onshore and offshore wind farms and solar parks. 

We will cease electricity production from oil shale by 2030 at the latest   

We will achieve carbon-neutral electricity production by 2035 

We will transform our production of liquid fuels into a chemical industry based on the circular economy 

We will start to produce primary materials from plastic waste and waste tyres for items needed in everyday life. 

All Eesti Energia’s production will be carbon neutral by 2045 

Get acquainted with the strategy 

Responsible energy 

We have more responsibility than just the task of providing customers with energy. That is why we have responsibility in mind when managing the company and giving a positive charge to the environment and society. We have the expertise to raise people’s awareness and provide solutions for a cleaner living environment. The environmental impact of the energy sector has historically been great, and it is therefore fair that we make an equal contribution to change. 

International energy company 

  We are an Estonian company, but we also operate in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland. We are increasing renewable energy production in the Baltic Sea region, making clean energy accessible to people. We help our clients become more energy-efficient through smartly managed solutions. We are transforming our oil shale-based industry into an efficient, circular economy-based chemical industry. This is how we contribute to making the world cleaner.   

People are our greatest asset 

Our people are our greatest asset for the success of the green journey. Cool, smart and dedicated people who are making the green journey a reality. Everyone is working together to move in sync as a united team on the green journey.  

With us, you’ll find an inspiring purpose, opportunities for professional development, a supportive and flexible work environment and competitive remuneration.  


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