The ambition of Eesti Energia is to offer clients useful and convenient energy solutions and to produce energy in an increasingly environment conserving way, as thus giving their contribution into making the world cleaner.

Our long-term action plan envisages the cessation of electricity production from oil shale by 2030 and a transition to exclusively renewable electricity production. We will no longer produce liquid fuels from oil shale after 2040 when newer pyrolysis plants have been completely redesigned to produce raw materials for the chemical industry. All production will be carbon neutral by 2045 at the latest.

Eesti Energia's green revolution is based on three pillars

Providing customers with complete solutions that are useful and environmentally friendly - electrification based on renewable energy

Establishment of solar, onshore and offshore wind farms with development of storage systems

Exit from oil shale electricity production and transition from liquid fuel production to a chemical industry operating on the principles of a circular economy

Eesti Energia's CO2 emissions

CO2 intensity of the production of Eesti Energia

Environment policy

Circular economy


The expectation of the Estonian state as a business owner is

Ensure a stable revenue for the owner

To valorize oil shale and other natural resources in a sustainable manner

To increase the share of electricity produced from renewable energy sources to at least 40% by 2030 and to reduce the CO2 volume of electricity production to less than 0.4t CO2/MWh

To ensure a controlled electricity generation capacity within Estonia in the amount of 1000 MW by 2026

To ensure the quality and competitiveness of network services