Enefit Solutions

About us

Enefit Solutions, known internationally as Enefit, manufactures a wide range of metal structures for various industries, and we export them to more than forty countries around the world.

Operating internationally under the Enefit trademark, Enefit Solutions is a subsidiary of the Eesti Energia Group, offering a wide range of modern technical project solutions in the area of energy and other industries.


Quality and environment

We give high priority to effective quality control and reliable performance, and especially to our environmental responsibilities, both within Enefit Solutions and in joint work with our partners. Our work meets international standards ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 3834 and 17025 as well as our customers' requirements.

Enefit Solutions works hard to ensure a high-quality living environment, and to achieve this, the company:

  • Makes the prevention and minimisation of pollution of the natural environment one of the main principles in its business
  • Complies with all environmental protection laws, including the REACH requirements to minimise the risks to the environment and human health from the use of chemicals
  • Is constantly developing and improving its environmental management system
  • Uses low environmental impact technologies and materials
  • Prioritises safety and a safe working environment
  • Works closely with its partners and customers to prevent any risks that could significantly affect the natural environment

Jobs completed

In the Eesti Energia Group, Enefit Solutions is the main developer and maker of technology solutions for power plants and oil plants. Our largest customers are well-known industrial businesses from over 50 countries.

Map of countries our customers are from

Enefit Solutions AS

Registry code 10633284

If you are looking for a reliable partner to implement your project then please contact us, and we will be happy to answer all your questions and provide any additional information.

Headquarters and factory

Phone: +372 4666 702

[email protected]

Malmi 8, Jõhvi

41537 Eesti

Office in Tallinn

Lelle 22, Tallinn

11318 Eesti

Maintenance division

Phone: +372 466 6336

[email protected]

Auvere küla, Narva-Jõesuu

21004 Eesti

Testing and certification

Phone: +372 466 6733

Phone: +372 466 6729

[email protected]

Management Board

Rait Kalda

Chairman of the Management Board

Phone: +372 4666 702

[email protected]

Jelena Danilova

Member of the Management Board

Phone: +372 4666 702

[email protected]

Aleksandr Zahharov

Member of the Management Board

Phone: +372 4666 702

[email protected]

Sales and communication

Igor Roos

Sales and project management

Phone: +372 5513 813

[email protected]

Aksel Ers

HR Partner

Phone: +372 5666 3003

[email protected]

Jelena Derbneva

Large Scale Energy Communication Manager

Phone: +372 5561 1022

[email protected]

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