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Digitalization – the way for the energy sector to survive

Enefit is on hand to become your digitalization partner. Our digital ambition is radical improvement/re-engineering of existing business processes through IT and technology innovation.

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Our path towards digitalization

94% of our clients are served online

90% of all electricity contracts are signed or extended digitally

90% of all invoices are sent/received digitally

50% increase of active mobile app users in 2017

Our in-depth digitalization know-how

  • Available technical and OT/IT know-how
  • Existing Smart Metering with central data hub
  • Real distribution network test-lab
  • Available industry competence (mining, logistics, energy generation, energy sales, distribution network)
  • Active energy market
  • Government-level strong digital ID system
  • Smart and connected customers who are used to digital solutions and open to new ideas
  • Open mind to changes and ambition to be a leader in the energy industry

We focus on customer needs

As the biggest energy company in Estonia, Enefit is transforming from an old-school utility to client oriented IT enterprise. We combine our 80 years of industrial experience with innovative solutions. In energy generation we increase efficiency through digitalization and data based management of industrial processes. Digitalization process of Enefit is called e-Energy. Digitalization enables flexible data handling providing higher efficiency and competitiveness. For us, e-Energy is the way of lifestyle and we are also ready to share our experience with our partners.

e-Energy is our main driver to growth. We use smart grid solutions and full-scale e-service including paperless billing and mobile app. We are on hand to offer our tested solutions to bigger markets in other countries. We see ourselves as both energy sellers and providers of energy services.

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