Eesti Energia's environmental policy sets the framework for the company's operations

Our environmental policies have been formulated in ten points to make it easier to integrate them into our day-to-day operations and decision-making processes.

Adherence to the principles set out in environmental policy will not only reduce our environmental footprint. We also want to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint.

Environmental management systems of Eesti Energia

Environmental management is part of the general management of Eesti Energia companies in order to approach environmental issues holistically and to integrate the principles of environmental policy as a natural part of the daily activities of Eesti Energia companies.

As part of the environmental management system, the role and responsibility of employees for the fulfilment of environmental goals and tasks has been determined, and environmental training of employees is carried out to raise environmental awareness.

Strategy to decreace CO2 emissions

Eesti Energia's strategic goal is to achieve the sustainable use of natural resources with a resource-efficient and competitive economy by applying the principles of the circular economy and to ensure the continuous reduction of CO2 emissions.

Moving towards the goal, we will continue to increase the share of renewable energy production in our domestic markets from Finland to Poland by building solar and wind farms, developing today's liquid fuel industry into a chemical industry based on modern circular economy and exiting oil shale electricity production by 2035.

Along with the reduction of CO2 emissions and development activities, the CO2 intensity of our energy production will also decrease.

By 2045, Eesti Energia's production will be carbon neutral.

We help the customers to achieve green revolution

We believe that electrification and the transition to renewable energy is the fastest way to carbon neutrality.

Eesti Energia's renewable energy production is growing, which enables us to help give up fossil fuels in the housing, industry, transport and agriculture sectors and replace it with green electricity and energy solutions.

As energy professionals, we help the client to personally and flexibly plan and then implement their green journey.

We use a wide range of solutions to furnish our customers' green revolution:

  • Green energy package
  • Solar energy solutions with storage
  • Smart and sustainable consumption management
  • Electro mobility
  • Sustainable lighting
  • Heating and cooling services
  • Flexibility services

We constantly reduce emissions

In addition to CO2 emissions, the main air emissions of Eesti Energia's energy production are dust, sulfur compounds (SO2) and nitrogen compounds (NOx). The main water emissions associated with oil shale mining are suspended solids and sulphates (SO4).

The quantities of emissions generated by Eesti Energia's energy production and oil shale mining may not exceed the limit values established in the environmental protection permits issued by the Environmental Board, which are publicly visible in the information system of environmental protection permits. In order to avoid exceeding the environmental limit values, we carry out monitoring of surface and groundwater and ambient air in accordance with the environmental monitoring plan.

Based on the results of environmental monitoring, we regularly prepare reports on environmental emissions and use for the .

We use natural resources sustainably

We use natural resources (water and oil shale) sustainably and follow the limit values set in the environmental permits issued by the Environmental Board. We keep records of the natural resources used and prepare reports for the Environmental Board. To reduce the use of oil shale as a non-renewable natural resource, we have replaced it over the years with biomass, including waste wood, which can no longer be used to produce new products.

We are aware of the impact of our activities on the environment

All human activities have a greater or lesser impact on the surrounding environment, and the environmental impact associated with some activities can be significant. To prevent or mitigate these effects, the impact of such activities is assessed already when planning the activities. Eesti Energia assesses environmental impacts when planning its activities and takes into account the environmental conditions in the production area in various areas.