Cooperation with research institutions

Eesti Energia cooperates with various research institutions to reduce its environmental footprint and promote the circular economy. In cooperation, we investigate, for example:

  • reduction of particulate matter in flue gases,
  • development of fluidized bed technology (CFB) for burning oil shale and other fuels (e.g. oil shale flue gas),
  • selection of suitable CO₂ capture technologies,
  • a study of the possibilities of using CO₂ separated from flue gases as a raw material,
  • finding new uses for oil shale ash as a raw material,
  • researching solutions for the chemical recycling of plastics,
  • reduction of production air emissions, etc.

Environmentally friendly procurement

The principle of Eesti Energia's environmental policy is that we use environmentally friendly public procurement when procuring services, products and raw materials.

  • In accordance with the law of the European Union, environmental friendliness is provided as a separate objective in the Estonian Public Procurement Act.
  • The Public Procurement Act also prohibits the conclusion of a procurement contract with a tenderer who has a tax debt for an environmental fee or who has violated environmental law.
  • In addition, we will reject bids when we have determined that an unreasonably low cost or planned cost is due to non-compliance with mandatory environmental law provisions.

Cooperation with non-governmental organizations

Together with several organizations, we contribute to the environment and the well-being of society. We focus on projects that advance society and preserve nature, while focusing on the promotion of science education.

Our goal is to arouse young people's interest in the field of energy and to contribute to the wide dissemination of energy knowledge. Society and Eesti Energia need a greener world-view and innovative thinking - in order to create a cleaner future.

Our principles are:

  • Sustainability
  • Science-based
  • Involvement

We work together to:

Increase interest in science


  • TalTech series of energy lectures
  • Edumus
  • Virumaa College
  • Rakett 69
  • Energy Discovery Centre
  • Talented Youth
  • Energy Fund
  • Viru Welder competition

Promote healthy lifestyle


  • Estonian Health Trails
  • Narva Energy Run

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