A novel science education experience

We are inspiring young people to choose a career in engineering or research

Science begins with the hard sciences!

The journey to a cleaner future is led by the hard sciences and young people. With every passing day we need more and more bright engineers and researchers who are committed to making our living environment more sustainable and efficient.

The hard sciences, such as physics, are often off-putting to young people, who consider them difficult and struggle to see the practical value of knowledge of these fields.

In order to attract interest and maintain it, the educational journey of young people needs to be holistic and supported in an integrated manner by schools, extracurricular learning centres, and museums.

In collaboration with partners in this field, we have set out to build a hard science ecosystem that inspires young people to pursue a career in a technical field.

Giving a boost to science.

‘Lae end' (Charge Yourself) recognition programme - a novel physics education experience

Interest begins with the teacher! Unfortunately, only a quarter of all teachers in Estonia feel valued by society. The teacher recognition programme ‘Lae End' aims to change this. Let's make physics education in Estonia more exciting and modern!

To achieve this, the programme brings together brilliant and enthusiastic teachers, entrepreneurs, and education innovators from Estonian schools.

With help from the Estonian Physical Society, Praktikal and Videoõps, Estonian basic schools will be able to make their physics classes more engaging already in the 2022/2023 school year by means of innovative digital learning materials and test kits. In collaboration with Videoõps and enthusiastic physics teachers, inspiring video content will be brought to all Estonian basic schools.

Since there is no more room for competition, we have joined forces and launched the programme with ABB, LHV, Fermi Energia, Nordecon and Metrosert.

Physics is a blast!

Energy Discovery Centre bursting with science

To keep young people's curiosity about how the world works alive outside of school too, we are giving a boost to the Energy Discovery Centre, which offers excitement and the joy of discovery for the whole family.

At this centre, which is bursting with science, young people can explore and learn through practical and exciting exhibits.

Have you ever seen caged lightning?

Giving a boost to Enerhack

We are promoting interest in the field of energy through practical extracurricular education: children's camps, family days, energy electives, and more.

Enerhack's mission is to nurture and educate a generation that is knowledgeable about energy and capable of solving future technical challenges and contributing to the achievement of climate neutrality goals.