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How is a solar park built?

Have you ever wondered how a solar park was built? Thanks to solar panels, we can generate electricity we need on a daily basis. Thanks to electricity, the lights are on, computers, TVs, refrigerators and other appliances can operate.

Watch the video of the construction of Klibuloo Solar Park where almost 13,000 solar panels were installed!

Virtual tours

Take a virtual tour at the Iru power plant

Pay an online visit to Iru Power Plant where electricity and heat are generated from garbage.

Take a virtual tour at the Paldiski wind farm and solar park

Find out exactly how solar electricity is generated. Take a virtual tour at the wind farm and solar park in Paldiski.

Take a virtual tour at the Enefit 280 plant

In addition to electricity and heat, we produce liquid fuels. Visit the Enefit 280 plant virtually and see for yourself.

Want to know more about the world of energy?

Edumus School

The energy people are happy to share their knowledge! We have conducted lessons in various schools and helped out teachers. Thanks to Edumus School, energy heroes have been able to put themselves to the test in front of a class. You too have the opportunity to take part in Edumus' activities by taking courses in various disciplines.

Enerhack energy hobby group

Enerhack energy hobby group introduces the exciting field of energy through solving practical tasks. In addition, specialists in their field introduce the energy world in the hobby group.

But you can start exploring the world of energy without leaving home. The Enerhack blog explains in a simple, compelling and honest way how the energy world works. Do you know how fast the world's fastest electric plane is? Go and find out in the Enerhack blog.

Energy Discovery Centre

The world of energy is vast and there is much to discover. To find out more about the field of energy and to learn about it firsthand, visit the Energy Discovery Centre!

PS! There's even a planetarium!