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Enefit´s Utah project

Development area

Enefit has acquired one of the largest tracts of privately owned oil shale property in the USA holding an estimated 2.6 billion barrels of shale oil. Enefit American Oil, 100% owned by Enefit (known as Eesti Energia in Estonia) was established to develop an integrated 50,000 barrel per day shale oil industry. Our properties are located in Utah, in the region known as Green River Basin, containing the richest oil shale in the USA. The area is well placed logistically: there is road access and nearby pipeline systems.

BLM RD&D Lease Enefit North BLM Preferencial Lease Orion Property SITLA State Leases Enefit South
  • Low calorific value oil shale
  • Oil shale resource stratum more than 3m thick giving more than 25 gallons per tonne
  • Enefit North - 321.3 million barrels
  • Enefit South - 1,158.1 million barrels
  • SITLA State Leases - 17.7 million barrels
  • BLM Preferencial Lease - 528.3 million barrels
  • Orion Property - 132.0 million barrels
  • BLM RD&D Lease - 415.4 million barrels

Enefit North
Enefit American Oil owns the surface and mineral in these private fee title properties. The property covers 4,592 acres containing 321.3 million barrels of shale oil.

Enefit South
The property covers approximately 13,441 acres of privately owned oil shale fee title land containing 1.2 billion barrels of shale oil.

SITLA State Leases
The 160-acre BLM lease contains 17.7 million barrels of shale oil and includes the White River Shale Mine infrastructure consisting of a 30-foot diameter, concrete-lined vertical ventilation shaft to a depth of 1058 feet, 16-foot ventilation shafts, 5-foot utility raises, a concrete conveyor decline over 4500 feet long and an underground crusher station.

BLM Preferencial Lease
Enefit American Oil's RD&D Lease provides for expansion of the 160-acre lease to an additional 4,960-acre preferential lease containing 528.3 million barrels once Enefit American Oil completes a number of lease requirements. The BLM lease would then total 5,120 acres containing 546 million barrels of shale oil.

Orion Property
Enefit American Oil has an option to purchase 3,070 acres of privately owned oil shale lands containing 132 million barrels of shale oil.

BLM RD&D Lease
These properties cover 4,051 acres containing 415.4 million barrels of shale oil and are leased from the state of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration. Proceeds from this lease support the Utah education system.