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You should choose Enefit Technology Park because

Fast-to-market opportunity

  • Quick access to big connection capacities
  • Experienced and knowledgeable infrastructure and service provider for this growing industry

Stable energy supply and extensive connectivity

  • Guaranteed supply of electrical energy with high redundancy, 365 days a year
  • Nearly 2000 MW of installed capacity available
  • Existing connections to international networks
  • Traditional energy production is combined with solar, wind and biomass with a plan of increasing renewables share in the future.

Prime location

  • Situated at the core of Estonia´s power grid
  • Connections to utilities and other service providers guaranteed by Enefit
  • Very low risk of natural disasters
  • Cost-efficient cooling with annual average of 5⁰C / 41⁰F
  • High-level security available on-site

Progressive infrastructure and digitalized society

  • Unique e-residency program and innovative digital business services
  • Financial-friendly regulation towards cryptocurrencies
  • Multi-lingual talent pool and established business ventures around the world

Favorably priced electricity

  • Best available energy pricing with direct line to power station – avoid costly third-party transmission fees

Well-proven track record and trusted partner

  • Years of experience in providing infrastructure and resources to HPC (High Performance Computing) and mining pool operators
  • Currently installed Technology Park service capacity of 20MW, with planned expansion to over 50 MW in 2020


Norman Leemets
Project Manager
+372 56 567 540