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Creating new energy!

Energy surrounds us always and everywhere, in nature and in every person. Natural energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one type to another, but by working together we can produce energy in people.

We are responsible for creating the maximum possible value from the natural resources, the technology and the power grid that we control. We take responsibility for our actions, decisions and attitudes and we are making energy production more environmentally sustainable.

We are dedicated to our work and are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and our energy system. We are enterprising. Our people are the best in business and we bring together experts to create synergies from their knowledge and skills through teamwork.

Reclaimed area Aidu

  • Local community development

In Enefit we believe in mutually beneficial cooperation with local community. Currently the most of operations are focused on the Ida-Virumaa region in Estonia and are gradually expanding as our international presence is growing.

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  • Environment

The electricity, heat and liquid fuels we consume affect the environment in a variety of ways. The main impacts are on the use of land and resources through waste creation and air and water pollution and it is clear that the combined effect of all these factors is leading to climate change. But it is not only energy consumption that affects the environment, all types of energy production do so too in one way or another. The impacts of the use of fossil fuels are discussed heatedly nowadays, but renewable and carbon-free technologies also have an environmental impact.

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