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Oil shale

What is oil shale

Oil shale is a sedimentary rock that contains an organic material called kerogen. Kerogen can be heated, separated from the rock, processed and turned into liquid shale oil. The liquid shale oil can be treated and refined into diesel and jet fuels, as well as into petrol.

  • Why do we need oil shale?
    Dramatic worldwide growth places great pressure on conventional oil production. As China, India, Pakistan and many other countries continue to modernize and develop, the demand for oil will continue to grow at a record pace.
  • The Solution is Shale Oil
    Soaring prices, increased global demand, declining production and dependency on foreign oil have been the catalysts in the search for long-term, dependable energy solutions.
  • World reserves
    There are estimated resources of 2.8-3.3 trillion recoverable barrels of oil. Worldwide, oil shale contains at least three times as much oil as conventional crude oil reserves, which are projected at around 1.2 trillion barrels.

Oil shale is a sedimentary rock.