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Enefit Outotec Technology

Enefit Outotec Technology is a joint venture of Enefit and Outotec established in 2009. Enefit joined forces with Outotec, a world-leading process and plant engineering company with unsurpassed experience in metals and mineral processing, to develop and supply Enefit Technology and its proven process for the production of oil, gas and electricity from oil shale and other hydrocarbon bearing materials.

Enefit Outotec Technology
Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 21
Oberursel D-61440, Germany
+49 6171 2063 521

Enefit key competencies

Enefit's proven operations and development experience

  • World's largest company creating energy from oil shale
  • World's longest operational experience in oil shale mining and processing
  • Experience includes setting up shale oil industry in locations as varied as Estonia, Jordan and the USA
  • Owns one of only four commercial-scale, shale oil production Technologies
  • Success in the implementation of CFB boiler technology for shale oil electricity generation
  • Supplier of 95% of Estonia's electricity needs with shale oil

Outotec key competencies

Outotec has proven capability in fluidized bed technology and scaling up processes

  • Comprehensive expertise and R&D support for development of customized solutions
  • Proven scale-up capabilities for reaching industrial production levels quickly and successfully
  • Product portfolio including various technologies used in the previous generation of Enefit Technology
  • Leading provider of fluidized bed technologies for over 60 years in a large variety of applications
  • Strong experience in global set-up and project implementation

The Enefit and Outotec partnership has resulted in a new generation of Enefit Technology that delivers:

Higher capacity: improved economies of scale for shale oil production
Higher efficiency: over 90% of energy in oil shale is extracted as oil, gas and electricity
Enhanced environmental performance: lower emissions, clean ash, offset of CO2 thanks to generated power and reusable ash, compliance with all upcoming EU standards
Full use of all oil shale mined: ash is a good raw material for cement, road and other industries