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Retorting Enefit280

After decades of research and development, we have designed and built the Enefit280 plant in Estonia.

The Enefit280 was developed by Enefit Outotec Technology using Enefit's extensive experience in Solid Heat Carrier shale oil technology and Outotec's world-leading process and plant engineering solutions.

Enefit280's high profitability comes from its 100% use of the mined shale. All organic matter is fully utilized, and high performance in oil extraction is further aided by additional revenue streams.

  • The process is energy self-sufficient, so no external fuel is required
  • Gas combustion and the use of excess heat provides more power than the process requires, energy left in the spent shale is used to generate heat for the process
  • Heat from ash and stack gases is extracted for power generation
  • Retort gas with a high calorific value that is released in processing can be used for power generation
  • No organic residual is left in ash, which can be used as a raw material in the construction industry
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Enefit280 process

Enefit280 process