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Enefit Outotec Technology


Additional plants using Enefit technology are currently being built in Estonia. Preparations are underway to build a facility capable of producing 40,000 barrel per day in Jordan and a 50,000 barrel per day facility in Utah, USA.

In addition to Enefit's production capacity increase, we are also working with resource owners from other countries and use our dedicated in-house R&D facilities to perform studies with oil shales of different origins. In addition to Enefit technology applications and developments in Estonia, Jordan and the USA, we have worked with a number of oil shales from China, Morocco, and Serbia among others.

The Morocco Project

San Leon Energy plc has commissioned Enefit Outotec Technology (EOT) to work on two oil shale deposits in Morocco.

In 2012 EOT started work on a development project in the Tarfaya concession area in Morocco. Initial tests and an opportunity analysis were carried out during 2012 to assess the potential for shale oil production using Enefit technology on Tarfaya oil shale. A total of 34 samples were picked from the Trial Pit and analysed to confirm existing borehole data from previous studies. The results of the test work were encouraging and showed that the commercial operation of an Enefit shale oil plant is possible. Preliminary assessments indicate that the concession area contains approximately 100 million barrels of economically recoverable shale oil.


In 2013 San Leon was awarded a 36 km2 Timahdit oil shale block in Morocco for two years to evaluate the commercial viability of a surface retorting project. Following from this, the current partnership between San Leon and EOT was extended to the Timahdit deposit. EOT has completed an Initial Evaluation Study using historical exploration data to evaluate the commercial potential for exploiting Timahdit oil shale using Enefit technology. The study considers an initial Enefit retorting unit producing 3,600 BOPD of raw shale oil. Two further Enefit units could be added to increase production up to 11,000 BOPD, and would come with oil upgrading and power generation facilities. The companies plan to select a large sample of the Timahdit oil shale for extensive evaluation in EOT's laboratories in Frankfurt, Germany. In the meantime both companies continue to make progress with the extensive engineering and commercial analysis required to make Timahdit oil shale a reliable energy resource for Morocco. The concession area is estimated to contain 305 million barrels of economically recoverable shale oil.