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Estonia shale oil industry

Shale Oil Sales

We sell fuel oils produced from oil shale with various useful properties. Our products have a low sulphur content and low viscosity. The products are mixed according to the customer's needs, and we offer flexible transport solutions.

The main consumers of our products are:

  • Heat producers
  • Power Plants
  • Road construction companies, farmers and various manufacturing businesses
  • Producers and sellers of bunker fuels
  • International Traders

How to buy:

In order to participate in fuel oil bidding contests, the applicant shall meet the prerequisites stated in clauses 1.1-1.3, provide the documents stated in clauses 2.1-2.5 and receive a positive decision by Eesti Energia Energy Trading on listing.

The conditions and required documents in order to participate in a oil bidding contests »
Confirmation of clearance  »

Sales Department of Eesti Energia Õlitööstus
(Oil Industry subsidiary of Eesti Energia)


Product properties in more detail

Eesti Energia Õlitööstus currently produces three shale oil fractions and retort gas, and in addition to the three main fractions, we also sell blends of the base products at various ratios. These products are traditionally compared to fuel oils such as heavy fuel oil. The properties of heavy fuel oils vary mostly in their sulphur content; shale oil contains less sulphur than other heavy fuel oils.

Properties of the base fractions of shale oil

Parameter Shale oil petrol Heavy fuel oil
Density at 15 °C, kg/m2 780–820 1025–1050
Start of boiling, °C 50–80 160–190
% of volume:
Up to 100 °C 5–15  
Up to 150 °C 50–70  
Up to 200 °C 70–90  
Up to 250 °C 50–80  
Up to 300 °C   15–20
Up to 350 °C   40–60
End of boiling, °C 220–250 360
Phenol compounds, % 1–2 40–50
Conradson carbon residue, % of weight - 5–10
Sulphur content, % 0.9–1.4 0.4–0.7
Iodine number, gj 2/100g 80–120 80–100

Chemical constituents of composite oil


Content, % of weight