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Enefit - State-owned International Energy Company

Eesti Energia, internationally known as Enefit, is a state-owned international energy company that operates in the electricity and gas markets of the Baltic countries and Poland, also in the international liquid fuels market. We offer energy solutions that include electricity, heat and fuel production, sales and customer service and other energy services. Our unique experience and technology in relation to processing oil shale and energy production are held in high regard around the world.


Enefit has developed a technology that processes oil shale into oil and gas and generates electricity as a by-product.


The first new generation Enefit280 plant in Estonia to use an improved version of our industrially proven technology is now complete. Shale oil production in Jordan and Utah, USA will be launched in 2020s.


Here at Enefit, we are highly dedicated to lessening the environmental impact of our production processes. We also believe in mutually beneficial cooperation with the local community. Though the majority of our environmental restoration and community development projects are focused in Estonia, we will gradually expand our responsibility activities to other countries with the growth of our international presence.


How to preserve the value that the oil shale industry creates?

Margus Vals, Member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia, Projects, Technology and New Business
Some time ago the oil shale industry was regarded as completely “bullet-proof”, but now the external environment presents a number of challenges for the industry. Environmental requirements become stricter, energy markets integrate and prices are volatile. How do we preserve the value that thousands of employees create and the public revenue of approximately 300 million euros annually? More »

Enefit Outotec Technology

Enefit Outotec Technology (est. 2009) is a joint venture of Enefit and Outotec. Outotec is a world-leading process and plant engineering company with unsurpassed experience in metal and mineral processing. Outotec teamed up with Enefit to develop and supply Enefit Technology, which utilizes a proven process for the production of oil, gas and electricity from oil shale and other hydrocarbon bearing materials.
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Enefit Technology Industries

Eesti Energia Tehnoloogiatööstus (Eesti Energia Technology Industries), known internationally as Enefit, provides a wide range of competitive technological project solutions for energy and the industry. Our single-source service of complex industrial projects offers full service from design and manufacture to equipment maintenance. Our technological solutions are mostly used in power plants and oil plants.
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