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Environment in Jordan

There is nothing more important than preserving the environment for future generations. At Enefit, we have extensive experience in minimizing the environmental impact of shale oil technology. Oil shale is not the simplest of energy sources, but with the new Enefit280 technology we take all of the energy from the rock leaving only the inert unhazardous ash. The ash is even successfully used in road construction and the cement industry as a valuable component material. High energy efficiency results in lower CO2 emissions. Read more »

  • Water

Enefit technology is extremely water efficient. No water is used in the actual oil pyrolysis process. Water is mainly used for dust suppression in mining, ash disposal and upgrading shale oil into final products such as road legal diesel fuel, much in the same way as conventional crude oil and other mining industries. Read more »

  • Mined areas

In order to ensure the optimal mitigation of environmental impact, full lifecycle management is planned for operations during mining activities and after project closure. Enefit is committed to following international and local regulations during operations, mine closure, and post-closure activities. The post-closure activities are administered with environmental and social responsibility. Care is taken to restore the quality of habitat for flora and fauna, personnel are supported in their search for further employment opportunities, and customary use of the land is reestablished to the greatest extent possible.