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Our oil shale experience in Estonia spans 100 years

Our oil shale experience in Estonia spans 100 years

The History of
Oil Shale in Estonia

Estonia, uniquely in the world, has already been using oil shale to produce electricity, heat, gas and oil for nearly a century, meaning that the properties of oil shale are very well known to our energy industry. Over several decades of continuous improvement, the Enefit technology has been developed into the best technology available and is known for its stable and reliable production.

The Development of Enefit Technology

Throughput: 500 t/d

Throughput: 140 t/h

Capacity doubled to 280t/h
Environmental impact lessened
Efficiency raised

The History of
Enefit technology

Enefit280 – more than 50 years of research and development. After vertical oil shale retorts for processing bulk oil shale were developed and industrialised, the need to develop a retorting process capable of processing fine grain sized (0-25 mm) oil shale was identified. This led to the development of solid heat carrier retorting technology.