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Enefit technology

Enefit Technology is a unique combination of processing units, each of them serving special purposes such as drying and pyrolysis of oil shale, combustion of semi-coke, as well as the dedusting and cleaning of vapors and gases. Enefit's modular design is essential to the allowance of easy maintenance, process optimisation and streamlined adaptability to the individual characteristics of different oil shale deposits.

The efficiency of the technology comes from its 100% use of the mined oil shale. All organic matter is fully utilized, and high performance in oil extraction is further aided by additional revenue streams associated with utilisation of excess heat and gas generated in the process. Waste heat is used to generate electricity, making Enefit shale oil plants net producers of electricity.

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  • Production process

Enefit has wide experience across the whole chain of production, from mining to liquid fuel production.

  • Enefit Outotec Technology

Enefit Outotec Technology is a joint venture of Enefit and Outotec established in 2009. Enefit joined forces with Outotec, a world-leading process and plant engineering company with unsurpassed experience in metals and mineral processing, to develop and supply Enefit Technology and its proven process for the production of oil, gas and electricity from oil shale and other hydrocarbon bearing materials.

Oil Shale »

Oil shale is a sedimentary rock that contains an organic material called kerogen. Kerogen can be heated, separated from the rock, processed and turned into liquid shale oil.

History »

Estonia, uniquely in the world, has already been using oil shale to produce electricity, heat, gas and oil for nearly a century.