Future energy is Smart, Sustainable, Digital. Future energy is Enefit.

Energy Sales

Being an Enefit client is easy. We offer convenient and readily accessible services for electricity and gas in countries around the Baltic Sea. Our services include integral solutions from off-grid options to project development services. Our vision is to become the leader in offering innovative and integral solutions and in the digitization of energetics in the Baltic region.


Digitization in the energy sector is a challenge as well as an opportunity. At Enefit, we call the further digitization and innovation of our business processes and services "e-Energy." We are fully prepared to share our e-Energy experiences with our partners.


Enefit is best known around the world for our unique shale oil production technology. However, we have much more to offer. As a result of combining 80 years of experience with innovative solutions, we can offer services ranging from technology parks to integral solutions for various fields in the energy sector.