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EROI – Efficiency

EROI – Energy Return on Investment is an important measure in the assessment of energy production processes. EROI is the ratio of energy produced to energy consumed and shows the efficiency of energy carrier production process, the strongest benefit on Enefit technology.

Development of new energy systems is made possible by the existence of the current energy delivery infrastructure. The existing system provides the energy necessary to extract resources, processes materials, and convert fuels into useable energy sources. EROI is a measure of the effectiveness of new energy systems in providing for infrastructure growth i.e. increasing the energy supply to society.

Enefit has performed life-cycle energy analysis for the production of liquid fuels from oil shale in Estonia. Energy consumption and production has been calculated for oil shale derived gasoline and diesel include all processing and transport steps from "mine to wheel".

EROI values for oil shale derived liquid fuels industry in Estonia is 11,2 whereas export of electricity as co-product from the Enefit280 process has been taken into account.

EROI of shale oil derived liquid fuels in Estonia

EROI of shale oil derived liquid fuels in Estonia