Enefit sells its Finnish customer portfolio to Oomi

Enefit, the customer services company of Eesti Energia, is selling its Finnish customer portfolio to one of the largest energy companies in Finland, Oomi, to place greater focus on customers in the Baltics and Poland.

According to Enefit’s Chairman of the Management Board, Kelli Toss-Kaasik, the decision to sell the Finnish customer portfolio was driven by the ambition to focus on markets with greater growth potential. ‘We aim to be a reliable energy partner on the green journey and offer our customers useful energy products and services from a single source. To better focus on these principles and invest in quality and product development, we have decided to concentrate our retail business on the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Polish markets,’ she explained.

Toss-Kaasik stated that the smooth transfer of customers is a priority, and the sales process has been going according to plan. ‘We have excellent cooperation and communication with Oomi, ensuring that our Finnish customers are well taken care of by the new electricity service provider. We prioritised a seamless transition for customers without requiring additional actions from them,’ she described.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction price or the number of customer contracts. In addition to Estonia, Enefit will continue to sell energy and provide energy services in its home markets of Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, where it generates nearly two thirds of its revenue.

The Eesti Energia Group will continue its operations in Finland in other strategically important areas. The Group's renewable energy subsidiary Enefit Green will also continue its activities in Finland, where it recently completed the construction of the Tolpanvaara wind farm.

Enefit is a subsidiary of the Eesti Energia Group, managing the group’s retail business in the Baltics and Poland, offering a wide range of energy products and services to both business and private customers. These include electricity and gas, solar and storage solutions, Enefit Volt home and public electric vehicle charging solutions, insurance, high-speed internet readiness, electrical work, and heating and cooling solutions. Over 500 energy experts at Enefit are dedicated to being reliable partners on the green journey by providing practical and convenient energy solutions.

Oomi is one of Finland’s largest energy companies, serving over 400,000 private and business customers. In 2023, Oomi had a turnover of 460 million euros and employed over 100 people. The company offers not only electricity sales but also solar energy solutions, employee bicycles, and other energy services that make customers’ lives smoother and more sustainable.