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Enefit Outotec Technology

Enefit technology

Enefit is a technology that processes oil shale into oil and gas and generates electricity as a by-product.

Enefit Technology is a unique combination of processing units, each of them serving special purposes such as drying and pyrolysis of oil shale, combustion of semi-coke, as well as the dedusting and cleaning of vapors and gases. Enefit's modular design is essential to the allowance of easy maintenance, process optimisation and streamlined adaptability to the individual characteristics of different oil shale deposits.

The efficiency of the technology comes from its 100% use of the mined oil shale. All organic matter is fully utilized, and high performance in oil extraction is further aided by additional revenue streams associated with utilisation of excess heat and gas generated in the process. Waste heat is used to generate electricity, making Enefit shale oil plants net producers of electricity.

Ash, as a processing residue, is clean and has several applications in cement production and the construction industry.

The Technology uses a whole wealth of industrial oil production experience obtained over 100 years of oil shale history in Estonia. Enefit's dedicated engineers, operators and researchers have been developing the process for more than 30 years, resulting in numerous patents for the key elements of Enefit Technology.

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Enefit technology is proven, clean and efficient.

Enefit technology is based on nearly 100 years of oil shale experience in Estonia in all of the 3 key areas:


Oil processing

Power production

Estonia has been engaged in oil shale mining, oil shale based electricity and heat generation and shale oil production for 100 years. Each year more than 1.3 million barrels of shale oil is produced with Enefit Technology.

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Enefit shale oil production (thousand barrels)