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Enefit Outotec Technology


EOT offers clients a variety of services through individualised packages. EOT has a full range of resources supporting technological development and adjustment to different oil shale feeds. EOT is also prepared to meet the project needs of individual clients. In addition to the skilled engineering resources and extensive operating experience of its founders Outotec and Enefit , EOT features an in-house R&D laboratory, an engineering team, and pilot testing facilities, which together form a basis for our advisory services and operational assistance.

Enefit licensing

EOT licenses the use of Enefit Technology and supplies an Enefit Technology package consisting of engineering, equipment delivery, construction, and start-up support to Enefit plants.


Together with Outotec's global engineering and services network, the skilled process and project engineers of EOT cover everything from pre-investment studies to construction and commissioning support.

Stepwise approach

EOT unites oil shale development know-how ranging from engineering and R&D to plant operation experience under one roof. By providing multi-level studies and test work and project execution support, EOT helps oil shale developers to realise shale oil projects all around the world.

Opportunity Analysis - Laboratory scale test work analyses the chemical and physical properties of oil shale samples and determines the quantity and quality of the products. The results of the laboratory tests are used together with geological information and site-specific information such as existing infrastructure and market accessibility to identify options for commercialisation.

Initial Evaluation - Bench-scale test work gives information on how the specific oil shale behaves in the Enefit solid heat carrier process and helps in finding the optimum operating conditions that will maximise the oil yield. The test work results are an input for the initial evaluation study, which includes mass and heat balance calculations, and gives estimates of consumption and production rates, utility requirements, and process capacities so that the initial equipment cost can be worked out. Preliminary capital and operating cost estimates are also made.

Process Design Package - Pilot Plant test work combining pyrolysis and combustion gives a closer model of the complete Enefit process. Optimum operating conditions are confirmed, detailed data is acquired for the design work, and gas and larger bulk product samples are collected for oil upgrading or ash leaching experiments. A Conceptual Study includes more detailed sizing and layout of equipment for more accurate cost estimates. The study can be further supported by customised test work programmes and computer simulations.

Execution – Supply of the Technology Package - EOT supports the detailed design, manufacture and construction of Enefit plants, which can be provided by EOT's shareholders Outotec and Enefit, by providing supervision, project management and consultancy services. EOT can supply operator training and troubleshooting advice for the commissioning of the shale oil plant. EOT also supplies on-going operator support and training systems and plant performance evaluation and optimisation.

R&D and testing

As most oil shales represent individual processing challenges, R&D work plays a central role in every oil shale project. EOT's research work is guided by feedback from industrial practice. The Enefit retorting process has been developed in close collaboration between research, engineering, and production units to ensure high reliability and optimum operating performance in Enefit plants.

Enefit Bench Scale plant

  • Located at EOT's R&D centre in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Oil shale processing capacity: 15 kg of oil shale per hour
  • Purpose of the plant: to test various oil shales with Enefit Technology and to retrieve input data for engineering studies and design
  • Commissioned in November 2010
  • Test runs performed with oil shales from Estonia, Jordan, the USA and China

Enefit Pilot plant

  • Based at EOT's R&D centre in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Oil shale processing capacity: 300 kg of oil shale per hour
  • Heat carrier ash for the retorting process is produced in combination with a 700mm CFB combustion plant
  • Purpose of the plant: to test various oil shales on a larger scale using Enefit Technology, to obtain further input data for engineering, and to produce raw shale oil samples for upgrade test runs
  • Commissioned in June 2013
  • Test runs performed with oil shales from Estonia and the USA