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Local community development

In Enefit we believe in mutually beneficial cooperation with local community. Currently the most of operations are focused on the Ida-Virumaa region in Estonia and are gradually expanding as our international presence is growing.

  • Turning remediated area into tourist and sport attraction

One major current activity is converting industrial landscape into landmark leisure and tourist attractions. In cooperation with Estonian Culture Ministry, Olympic Committee, Rowing Society and Maidla county local municipality we are about to start construction of a water sport center around the rowing channel, which will be built using the phased out open cast Aidu mine.

The new facility will be the biggest attraction I the county and will foster social and economic development of the region. The channel will conform to the international regulations and will be fully equipped to host major international competitions. Area detailed planning is progressing quickly and the center is due to be launched in 2015.

Remediated area in Kohtla-Nõmme

  • Preserving oil shale industry heritage

Our second major project is the Kohtla-Nõmme mining adventure park. With the help of EU structure fund grants we are creating a major tourist object showcasing the history, present and future of oil shale energy and oil industry in Estonia and the world. In addition to EU, major partners are EAS (Estonian Entrepreneurship Development Agency), Enefit and Kohtla-Nõmme county administration. The total investment is 3,8 million Euros.

The existing museum will be converted into the theme park and covered topics will go into the energy challenges the world is facing now in additional to the extensive oil shale exposition. Construction started in 2011 and the first parts of the complex will be completed already in 2012.

Preserving oil shale industry heritage

  • Developing entrepreneurial youth

In 2010 we launched the Entrum program in order to help train young people to be more entrepreneurial. Within the Entrum program people who have already achieved success use an active and engaging format to train young participants how to be entrepreneurial and active in their lives. In September 2011 Entrum was awarded the European Enterprise Award in Estonia for promoting the entrepreneurial spirit by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. Entrum was also awarded Swedish Business Award 2011 for best CSR initiative of the year. Starting from October 2011 Entrum program started concentrating on helping to increase the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of around 500 young people in Southern Estonia (Jõgevamaa, Põlvamaa, Tartumaa, Valgamaa, Võrumaa regions).

Developing entrepreneurial youth