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  • People

We believe, that people are the key to building the oil shale industry in Jordan. In our projects we assemble a unique combination of essential skills. Oil shale experience, geological knowledge, excellent engineering and energy markets expertise comprise the owners' most valued employees participating in the project.

  • Owners and technology

Both Jordanian Projects are owned by Enefit (65%), YTL Power International Berhad (30%) and Near East Investment (5%). YTL Power International Berhad (YTLPI) from Malaysia joined the projects in December, 2010, when it acquired a 30% stake in the Jordanian oil shale projects. As the strategic partner, YTLPI is contributing its experience in developing and operating large energy production and trading assets in emerging markets.

YTLPI owns and operates some 5,500 MW of gas, oil and coal-fired power generation plants in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and is an active trader of oil products in the Singapore market where it has approximately one million cubic meters of storage capacity.

Near East Investment is a private investment firm with offices in London, Houston and Amman. The Group focus is real estate and aviation with selective investments in the field of technology.