Building an oil plant with Enefit-technology

The construction of Eesti Energia's next-generation oil plant, Enefit280, started in 2009. The Enefit280 oil plant produced the first batch of shale oil in December 2012, and large-scale oil production has gradually started. The plant uses new Enefit280 technology, which is more reliable, has a higher capacity, and also has less impact on the environment. Enefit Solutions participated in designing and producing the technological hubs and in installing the mechanical equipment.

Work for the oil shale plant

Design for the 1000-tonne retort: design work and shop drawings

Manufacture of 2000 tonnes of equipment from carbon steel and stainless stee

Oil shale plant electrical filter weighing 800 tonnes, built by Eesti Energia Tehnoloogiatööstus in partnership with Elex of Switzerland. This filter is designed to eliminate solid particles from production gases in order to comply with strict environmental regulations

Retort weighing 700 tonnes

Circulating fluidised bed weighing 175 tonnes

  • Manufacture of 5600 tonnes of steel structures:galleries, stairs, support elements, roofs, walls etc;
  • Installation of 10 000 tonnes of equipment and steel structures;
  • Supply and building work for 2500 tonnes of stonework;
  • Supply and installation of 15000m² of insulation work.