Automatic meter reading across Estonia achieved within four years

Between 2012 and 2016, Elektrilevi, Estonia's largest distribution network operator, installed 625,000 new meters, allowing all points of consumption to be read automatically. This made sending in meter readings obsolete; client contacts were cut in half, and client satisfaction increased. The accurate information provided by the automatic meter reading system played a major role in cutting losses of electricity in the network by 30%. However, an end to previous meter-reporting obligations, a smoothly operating electrical market, and a joint bill for both the electricity and network services are only the beginning of the benefits that the automatic meter reading system brings.

A new era on the electricity market

Smart meters make the electricity network transparent, allowing network management to rise to a new level. The information gathered about the quality and operation of the network helps prevent malfunctions, reduce outages, and provide an increasingly smooth and seamless service. The automatic meter reading system thus heralds a new era in network services, as well as in the electricity market as a whole.