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How to preserve the value that the oil shale industry creates?

Margus Vals, Member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia, Projects, Technology and New Business 05.01.2016

Some time ago the oil shale industry was regarded as completely “bullet-proof”, but now the external environment presents a number of challenges for the industry. Environmental requirements become stricter, energy markets integrate and prices are volatile. How do we preserve the value that thousands of employees create and the public revenue of approximately 300 million euros annually? More »

We will focus on co-generating oil and power from oil shale

Sandor Liive, Chairman of the Management Board 03.03.2014

Eesti Energia met 2013 objectives for turnover and operating profit. Eesti Energia´s total revenues amounted to 975 million euros, EBITDA to 310 million euros and net profit to 160 million euros. In 2013, we paid 190 million euros in dividends and different taxes to the Republic of Estonia and employed 7,000 employees, 5,000 of whom are working in Ida-Virumaa region. More »

Opinion research: 68% of Utah survey respondents support oil shale projects

Rikki Lauren Hrenko, CEO of Enefit American Oil 29.01.2014

According to recent opinion research, two-thirds of Utahns believe that energy production is very important to the local economy and 68% say they have a favorable opinion of planned oil shale projects in Utah. What’s more, those who say they are aware of Enefit’s Utah Project have a largely favorable opinion of it. More »

Social Licence to Operate


Enefit has done excellent work in building strong community relationships in Utah. We have strong and open relationships with local authorities and local people understand the benefits that our project will bring to their community. Enefit was asked to share our best practice at the 33rd Colorado Oil Shale Symposium about the “social licence to operate” - the level of acceptance or approval to an organisation´s operations or project by the local community and other stakeholders. More »

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