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Improving trade balance

Producing both power and liquid fuels from abundant oil shale reserves will directly improve country trade balance and will be cheaper than market priced imports. Jordan is currently importing all of the liquid fuels consumed within the country.

Jordan's trade deficit in 2011 widened to 41% from 36% in 2010. Read more »

All fuels are currently being imported at rapidly rising costs, both for power production and transportation, costing the country billions of dollars. Read more »

Jordan Crude oil Imports per year
thousands of barrels per day


Oil shale will give 3,500 jobs in the construction phase and 1,000 jobs in the operation phase. This will give a substantial economic boost to the area. Housing and infrastructure will be developed giving further indirect jobs to the local population. Both direct and indirect jobs mean more taxes, which can be used for social initiatives by both local municipalities and the government.

Enefit started to involve local communities right from the beginning of the geological research phase and we are proud to have local Jordanian contractors and employees on site. We are also contributing to local sustainable development projects and training of nationals.