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About us

Enefit is the world´s largest oil shale to energy company in the world. Our success relies on extensive experience with oil shale, superior technology and most of all, on our extremely motivated people, who help to drive the industry forward and stay in front of the competition.

Enefit is engaged in oil shale mining, oil shale based electricity and heat generation, shale oil production, electricity distribution, and sales of electricity and other products to retail customers.

Main areas of oil shale competence

Oil Shale Mining

  • 1.1 billion tonnes of oil shale mined to date
  • Reserves of more than 520 million tonnes
  • Annual production of around 15 million tonnes with two operating mines, opencast and underground
  • Many years experience of remediation with 14,000 hectares restored

Oil Shale Power Generation

  • 90% of Estonia's electricity generated from oil shale, more than 600 TWh to date
  • 2000 MW of oil shale fired capacity in the world largest oil shale power plants
  • Large-scale electricity exports to the Baltic region and Finland
  • Guaranteed security of supply

Shale Oil Production

  • 50 years of surface retort production, more than 200 million barrels of oil produced to date
  • Complex machinery including:
    - Drying unit
    - Rotary kiln reactor
    - Combustion unit for spent shale
  • 2 operating Enefit140 units and 1 Enefit280 unit

International development

  • 554 MW of power production under concession
  • Shale oil predevelopment in the USA, resources under ownership and leases
  • Enefit280 technology available for licensing

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Enefit has ample experience throughout the entire chain of production, beginning with mining and ending with liquid fuels.