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Enefit Outotec Technology

Project Development Phases

Every oil shale development project goes through the same stages and a holistic approach to implement our technology is shown below. EOT provides services to support complex project development through the whole project lifecycle.

From plan to plant

  • Geological Study and Resource Confirmation
    is the first step in an oil shale development project in order to map the oil shale deposit and to establish its characteristics and size. Samples are collected for further test work.
  • Test Work
    on a laboratory scale follows the geological survey. The chemical composition and physical properties of the oil shale are determined to evaluate whether the project is commercially viable.

    Positive results of the test work lead to several further studies:
  • A Mining Study
    in several steps is needed to evaluate whether the resource can be mined economically and to determine the most suitable mining alternative.
  • A Water Supply Study
    evaluates existing conditions and assesses viable alternatives capable of delivering the water needed for the plant. Other utility studies evaluate the infrastructure of the location and its impact on the plant.
  • Retort Testing
    accompanied with Engineering Studies is done in parallel to find the best technical solution available for processing the specific material and to fix the design and the size of the plant.
  • Oil Upgrade Testing
    follows the oil production in the retort testing phase to allow assessment of the quality of the product and its marketability.
  • Permitting
    is started in the early stages of the project in order to acquire all the required environmental, construction and other permits by the time erection start is scheduled.
  • Detailed Engineering
    is done after the process engineering resulting in detailed information needed for building a shale oil plant.
  • The Construction
    phase lasts around three years. Oil shale mining is started in parallel so that enough oil shale can be produced by the time the plant is ready for operation.
  • Commissioning
    brings the plant into steady operation.

Geological Study

Steadily operating plant