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Energy may be invisible to the eye, but it's all around us and part of everything we do. The world is facing a growing demand for energy while the resources of crude oil have become scarce. In search of alternative oil supplies the focus is shifting to unconventional liquid fuel sources including oil shale.

Enefit is the leading oil shale processing company in the world. We operate in the Baltics, Germany, Jordan and the United States. With close to 8,000 employees we are the largest and most valued employer in Estonia.

We understand the impact of our business. Today, more than ever before, we focus on improving our technology to minimize our impact on environment. Meaningful work that creates value inspires our people to take responsibility and strive for excellence.

Our ambition to develop, move to new markets and continually pursue innovation and excellence means for our employees that they have the opportunity to carry out impactful development projects which will change the alternative fuels industry.

We are proud of our strong team of engineers and strive to partner with them during their entire professional career – from graduation to retirement. We believe that the wide spectrum of our activities in operating facilities as well as development projects offer challenges and learning opportunities enough for a lifetime.

The company can develop only if its people grow. Learning by doing and learning from peers happens alongside well planned and quality professional trainings, site visits and management development, mentorship and coaching programs.

Join us and face new challenges and opportunities with us every day!

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    We invest in the young people who will help us meet the challenges of tomorrow.
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    Our dynamic and dedicated team is looking for a young, talented mining engineer to join us.
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    Our accomplishments as well as future success stories start with the people who work here.