Aglime with a rapid effect

The environment-friendly oil shale based Enefix soil treatment improves the site conditions for plants, helping the soil to absorb nutrients, and reducing the risk of plant diseases. The Enefix soil treatment also suppresses moss growth in lawns.

Effect of the soil treatment

  • Increases the pH level and improves the quality of the soil.
  • Improves nutrient solubility in the soil.
  • Increases the content of trace elements (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, zinc and silicon) in the soil and helps plants to better absorb nutrients.
  • Helps reduce fertilizer costs by not needing to use lime, as it acts fast and its unit cost per hectare is small.
  • Reduces the creation of crust and mud, improves resistance against erosion.
  • Stabilises the soil structure, thereby ensuring better air and water permeability, helping seeds to germinate faster, and improving the development of roots.
  • Allows for stable yields: the cumulative effect of calcium, humus and clay make site conditions favourable and the soil remains fertile.

Results and feedback

Marek Kruusla, agronomist and owner of the Kaska-Luiga dairy, animal breeding and cereal farm:

We tested oil shale dust ash two years ago on our 80 ha field, and the crop yield increased considerably the year after that, while nutrient absorption in plants also improved. We understood that liming should be done systematically.

From fly ash to soil treatment

Burning oil shale at a high temperature, we separate fly ash from the flue gas: fly ash contains microscopic particles and high levels of calcium, which can be used as a quick-acting neutralizer for acidic soils. Oil shale ash also contains several elements that increase soil fertility, such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, sulphur, manganese and silicon.

The soil treatment manufactured by Eesti Energia has been used in the agricultural industry of Estonia and its neighbouring countries for decades. In collaboration with the Department of Soil Science and Agrochemistry in the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Eesti Energia has been mapping client needs and experiences with the use of the soil treatment over the course of many years. Users of the Enefix soil treatment also include the largest and most innovative farms in Estonia, such as the Kaska-Luiga farm and Voore Farm.

The production process of Enefit does not involve chemical compounds. Compared to other soil treatments, the Enefix soil treatment with its high content of calcium carbonates neutralises the soil's pH level faster, while enriching it with trace elements. The advantages of the Enefix soil treatment include its dryness, fineness, neutralization ability, good solubility and rich nutrient content (calcium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, zinc, silicon and sulphur).

For a healthy soil!

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